Mary Jean Giordano (nee Van Allen, nee Rankin) was born in Ottawa in 1934.   Her brother was 8 years older than she was, so she spent much of her childhood alone -- and mostly unsupervised.   She didn't start her art until her early adult years -- which was in the form of drawings, many of which did not survive her many moves.    

Mary began her formal art training at the Ottawa School of Art in the 80s.   After early retirement, she moved to Calgary where she studied an art program connected to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.    In 1994, she moved to Victoria where she eventually graduated from the Vancouver Island School of Art.   Her artwork was displayed in many local art shows, as well as the former Fran Willis gallery. 

Earlier, she was very involved in Jungian studies and groups.   Much of her art comes from deep within her unconscious -- in fact, she often doesn't know what she is painting until it comes close to being finished.   As a result, some of the paintings have a name, but many don't.